Production Services Include:

  • Scout + Manage Locations
  • Budget + Line Produce
  • Production Management
  • Travel  + Tech Scout Coordination
  • Parking Coordination + Permitting for Events
  • VFX + Plate Shots
  • Floor Protection Service
  • Firehouse Rentals for Shoots

Filming in New York just got easier for you! 

Founded in 2008, Our team brings together the top talent in New York City to create, and produce visionary content spanning a wide variety of media platforms. With numerous years of experience scouting and managing logistics on location for films, TV series, Live TV, commercials, print shoots, and more — Joshua Shull, and Nate Shull, and their team, bring the best NYC has to offer.

As veteran location managers, scouts, and producers in New York City, we have created invaluable relationships within the film, and television community, as well as with city agencies, businesses, and owners throughout the East Coast, and beyond. These contacts have proven to be assets in every project in which we’re involved.